Google Cloud Associate Engineer course online

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Eaton Calhoun asked 1 month ago

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Training in London

If you are looking for an exciting career in cloud computing, you may want to consider taking the Associate Cloud Engineer training course in London. This exciting course is designed by Google, the tech giant behind the popular cloud computing service. The course will equip you with the latest cloud computing skills to become a certified cloud engineer. In fact, 52 percent of organizations require highly technologically-skilled personnel.

This programme is 12-weeks long, and the first pilot is expected to run in the summer of 2022. The curriculum includes training on technical and soft skills. Google Cloud Associate Engineer course online You will also go through the certification process for Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer, which you’ll have to complete within six months. The course includes online classroom lectures, lab sessions, and certification exams. The cost of the training is high, but the programme offers great value.

The Associate Cloud Engineer exam is a comprehensive test requiring 120 minutes to answer 50 questions. The exam fees $125 USD. It must be taken in person at a testing location. There’s no pre-requisite for the exam, and you’ll need about six months of experience using Google’s Cloud Platform to enrol in the course. You’ll also need some basic networking knowledge to enrol in the course.