Series from Haram Street to episode 17

Hỏi đápSeries from Haram Street to episode 17
Krabbe Knowles asked 2 months ago

The events of the series revolve around the family of “Abla”, all of whom work in the “medical corps”, while they all live under one roof, governed by the doctor “Abla” by her laws, which no one can bypass, which leads to the melting of privacy,

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which makes each individual a The family has its own story, and their situation changes when the dancer who celebrates the son’s wedding stays inside the house, where she begins to raise the mother’s suspicion, which reveals many secrets related to the past.

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From Haram Street to…, a television series filmed in the United Arab Emirates, and set in Kuwait. It was written by Kuwaiti writer Heba Mishari Hamada and directed by Syrian Muthanna Sobh

مسلسل توبه 2022

The story of a series from Haram Street is the things that stir up relationships, especially after the promo of the series from Haram Street was shown, as this poster received many likes, along with many denunciations at the same time. It is classified as a series scheduled to be shown on the second day of April 2022,