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MacGregor Melvin asked 2 months ago

In recent years the Israeli Spa culture has developed quite a bit, and today you will find an abundance of options and resorts to choose from, ranging from day spas to spa hotels and natural resort. In this article I will explain the different spa alternatives Israel has to offer to incoming tourists.
Day Spas
For those living in Israel it seems like spa culture has flooded the country, and day spas are popping all over the place. Day spas offer a wide range of treatments including all kinds of eastern and western massages (Shiatsu, Twina, Ayurveda, Swedish massage etc.), facial treatments, stress relief (usually Hebrew speaking only) and other facilities and treatments (oil bath, Jacuzzi, Sauna).

Spas that specialize in facials do not usually have the best masseurs, and vice versus – spas that specialize in massages do not usually have the best facial treatment personnel around, so you’ll first have to make your choice of treatment and then look for a spa with that specialty.

Massage and facials prices range from 200 NIS to 360 NIS (45-80$), depending on the spa location, the type of massage, and how much time the treatment takes.
Romantic Spas
Some of the day spas in Israel offer special packages and treatments for couples. Packages will usually include a couples’ massage, a nice meal, use of the spa facilities (Jacuzzi, sauna etc.), and sometimes one other special treatment such as an oil bath.

Prices for such a package range from 600 NIS to 1200 NIS (140$ – 280$) depending on the package components and whether on not it includes a meal.
Spa Hotels
Spa hotels are on one hand the most expensive alternative and on the other hand a very nice option for those looking for a relaxing way to spend some time in Israel. There are about Best Bali Spa Furniture which specialize in spa vacations in Israel, and most if not all of these specializing spa hotels are luxury hotels (4-5 stars hotels).

When shopping around for a spa hotel, you will find that those hotels mostly offer all inclusive packages, including 3 meals a day and will sometimes also throw a daily massage or treatment of your choice into the offered package. Prices for such a package range from 1000 NIS to 2000 NIS (225-450$) per night – depending on the resort and day of week.

Some of the best Spa hotels in Israel are located in the Galilee, and some near the Dead Sea.
Dead Sea Spas
The Dead Sea is one of the most special spa locations in the world. In the recent decade the number of incoming tourists who visit Israel especially in order to stay at one of the Dead Sea spas has consistently increased, and it is a very popular destination for tourists from Germany, Eastern Europe and Japan.

There are two types of spas at the Dead Sea – Private and public spas.

Private spas mainly include spa hotels, which unlike in the rest of Israel are not always all-inclusive, and offer a wide variety of accommodation levels: 3, 4 and 5 stars, as well as 5 star deluxe hotels.

Public spas are either government held or belong to one of the Kibbutzim in the area, and are usually a natural resort with hot spring waters in which you may spend the day. Public spas are not as luxurious and pampering as private spas, but if you are looking for a more affordable offer for a one day trip – this might be a good alternative for you.
Spa Locations
As mentioned before, spa hotels are usually located at either the Galilee or the Dead Sea. Day spas are spread throughout the country, with a very large selection in Tel-Aviv and Herzliya. Public spas and natural resorts are to be found in The Dead Sea, The Negev, and Hamat Gader (South of Ramat Hagolan).